What’s your platform?

denver-union-station What Platform are you on?

In studies like last weeks “State of Journalism” from Pew Research and in tracking the waning interest in affiliated advertising The Ministry of Leadership and Communications has begun a survey, study and report on ideas and media integration of where people are going to for news; music, and entertainment what advertising and syndication models are working and what have become redundant. “We are studying where people are finding genuine and authentic messaging and if any kind of media campaigns and branding have run their course and if the fascination and the continuous evolution of Social Media is taking it’s place.” Some of the study is a practicum of Five Points of influence that every organization has that blends editorial with individual tastes and dislikes. “We found that unless Affiliated marketing offers more than annoying banner ads and is more relational to the content provider that advertising method will fade away.”

Breakthrough questions

Instead of brainstorming, organizations, ministries and companies are finding that they need to ask “the right questions” instead of traditional brainstorming on “out of the box” ideas. While the rule is that “there are no bad ideas in a brainstorm,” many professionals have scientifically nixed that theory in advertising, content creation and programming. “The old media of influence was based on critical mass, and institutional appeal in the area of journalism, internet, music, television, radio, publishing, and cinema. Now it is simply reads, listens and views and how it plays on your laptop, phone application and WI-fi feeds,” writes the weekly report of what is out and what is coming out. “people are tired of the pay to play method in radio and ads and what we are seeing is that they are increasingly saying “no.”

Likewise Ad links

Increasingly the 20 minutes of spot breaks in radio have become an irritant to listeners and so they are turning to tablets and their smart phones to become their own program directors. In audio product placement is found in the content as a solution. “If you are learning something- like how to make barista style espresso drinks, you want to find out where you can get the equipment that you will use at home.” With the instruction on HD 2 programs like on the PBS “Create channel,” it is that subtle content and where you can find more on that Chef, or remodeling, car mechanic or wood crafting program. They don’t say “Buy this cook book, or video, or travel resource,” but you can see it or hear about it.

5 Points of influence and the work week

At Ministry of Leadership and Communications the points of influence are a time management tool as well as an effectiveness and budgeting as well as fund raising tool. The emphasis on evangelism on Monday helps in the writing and content creation in the publishing and contacts. “People expect that the evangelism column will be in their in-boxes on Monday morning and that programming will be pin-pointed to evangelistic thought and outreach.”That sweet spot in our tools is automatic, people can expect a study and report; ideas on relationship building between God and their community; and also help in establishing a plan for outreach for individuals and organizations.” On Tuesday, the influence is primarily on Special Needs Ministries and resources. This has grown into a church for people with special needs; their caregivers and families. On Wednesday, we examine and work on ideas about creating new content in media that feeds a hungry culture.

Common Union Talking

This is a blend of using communication skills with technology and a constant tweaking of message; mission and music and study, relational thinking and outreach. “Everyone has 5 or more points of influence and if you divide the time factors and effectiveness of each you can divide your week and instead of programs you are developing lifestyle decisions and literally separating what you are called to be at work (in an 8 hour day), with who you are at home as a husband or wife, and parent, with who you are in the community, and in that way the time management gives quality time to each aspect of calling and skill set that you are working on and in. “When you take media and the latest trend toward TV binging, social-media overdosing; and connections it is difficult to separate and decipher all that is coming in. “Advertising that relates to the content of programming is actually helping men and women to focus more on what they need than what the advertisers is convincing you that you want.”  On Thursday the Ministry of Leadership and Communication concentrates on “Prayer Points” where God is included in the planning of the communities businesses, ministry and mission projects. That leads to Fridays where we concentrate on Community Building. This is called Front Range Thinking bringing leaders together to encourage a community built on trust and common union of “loving God with all heart soul and mind and our neighbor as we would like to be treated.”

Preparedness training to a hungry culture

If the “truths are self evident that we are created equal,” how come we have to keep spelling it out? A media that feeds a hungry culture has to be feeding life-lines of truth as opposed to campaigns of relativism. A ministry that is feeding a hungry culture biblical, systematic, and evangelical foundations of lifestyle are beginning to distribute and syndicate hope, peace, love and joy to a hungry culture. Many have made the mistake of “headlining” and naming times and dates of Christ’s return and yelling “Repent.”

Elemental tools in our media

The aspects of Advent are the same principles of Lent. The foundation of all times are being prepared in “hope” and a “future,” according to God’s plan. “not so much end-times, but a plan for hope and a future.” Is your media giving people that message? Probably not-so-much. How about a song of peace. Peace may be related to that other ditty called righteousness. There are some people in media, right and left that make a show of “being right, “with half their brain tied around their back.”  Being righteous is being right WITH God, your neighbor and “all nations.” It is a matter of trust-not campaigns. Is your consumption of media promoting “righteous and peaceful living?” Dr. Greg Smalley tells people, when describing his daily interactive talk show “Everyday Relationships” that it is a medium that is based on “Loving the Lord God with all your heart soul and mind and your neighbor as you would like to be loved?”

Prepping for today’s show

Does your media prep work include the preparation of love in your day? Is their love in the correction? Love in the challenge? Does that love encourage you to seek the changes in your motive, approach and power that you operate from? Then there is the matter of joy. Not the happy-happy-joy-joy, jumping up and down for, type, but that inner feeling of knowing that God is in control and no matter what happens today, that “joy will find a way.” People are hungry for media that feeds them a diet of truth, hope, peace, love, and joy and are instead bombarded by a media that shoves junk food down the gullet perverting truth with relativism and separation, perverting hope with materialism and toys. We are fed a steady junk food diet of titillation and violence when we are hungry for love; and we are eating synthetic and crude jokes and addictive brands instead of being treated to organic joy in finding God’s motive, approaching life like Christ, and going the distance through programming made possible by a grant from the Holy Spirit.

Five Point and Five Linx

This is Wednesday and so this is the day when we publish the Media findings from the Ministry of Leadership and Communications. In partnering with other media organizations in creating, producing and syndicating/distributing all read, listens and views. The opportunity to promote the products and services of 5 Linx comes back to Friendship Fellowship in terms of a matching donation. When you buy from http://www.5linx.net/friendshipfellowship; you also give a portion to our Tuesday mission of creating churches for people with special needs; their families and caregivers. Plus you are getting tablets, phones, aps and services that are innovative and help you make great connections. We made reference to the program called “Everyday Relationships” with Dr. Greg Small and Susie Larsen. I would encourage my readers to listen everyday to this interactive program on http://myfaithradio.com/programs/everyday-relationships/ If you are one of my affiliates at Briargate Media please consider airing this show live or on a delay- I promise you that Likewise advertisers will support this life changing program in your community. And with that promise- listeners will be interested in ways to get their minds on improving and enjoying their relationships and finding more areas where media can feed a hungry culture. Please call me direct 719.268.4821 or e-mail Richard.beattie@fotf.org or Friendshipfellowship@juno.com.

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