Let the Voyage Begin


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Launch-Like-Love sounds like a new ad campaign for Subaru but it isn’t. While on assignment, media was scarce, between the morning shows at the free breakfast at Super 8’s and Choice Hotels and the AM-FM blaring out from my car in concert with the pouring rain and the rhythm of the windshield wipers somewhere in Kansas. The local tractor dealer, the grain report and the telephone number for every advertiser, national and local repeated more than three times was the inspiration to search and destroy the ad firm of “ad-nausea.” Somewhere on I-70 in Kansas, straining to see the outline of the Rocky Mountains and the mirage of a Vente’ Starbucks (It was actually found in Colby), the conclusion to our study on advertising came to a new idea: Likewise-I’m sure.

Ministry of Leadership and Communications

While the wheels rolled away the miles, the mind went through the process of the findings of several tests conducted on two affiliated advertisers and commissions, banner ads and the like, the results were disappointing. On the other hand many advertisers who integrated affiliated methods with social media, audio and visual ads and with editorial, reviews and endorsements, showed immediate and impressive results. The report released from the Ministry of Leadership and Communications studies traditional print, radio and television ads as well as antiquated methods like Yellow Pages and Guides, measures the expense and the return on investment and tracks the effectiveness or lack of,  as compared to product placement, endorsement, editorial and social media reach and finds the latter superior to the former. Likewise-Launch, Like, Love.

Likewise-I’m sure

The effectiveness of authentic use of a product or service and a well written review, endorsement, a report and interview that represents the company, the product or the service is not only less expensive to produce and place, it is also more effective. Advertisers that have a relationship with the hosts, writers and journalists and producers who have experience, believe in the cause and care about getting their readers, their listeners and viewers involved in the product or service are more likely to be mutually successful in their efforts. Also the media network professional who invests, works with and subscribes to the service has financial; time-tested; and emotional investment in the product, service and cause and therefore has a vested interest in presenting the advertiser creatively and authentically. Likewise wisdom.

Pricing Structure

While production costs have to be covered, the profit is based on the affiliate model. That is where the customer mentions where they heard about the product or service. A percentage of the purchase goes to charity and one of the Cause Central points that Likewise supports. “Likewise is a subscription where companies invest a certain amount a month (as low as $40 and as high as $1200.) “This takes care of a sliding scale and becomes part of our editorial, creative, distribution and syndication methods which allows for digital, public relations, events, and sponsorship of better media efforts,” the report states. Currently Likewise is working with seven companies that subscribe to relationship ads, three public relations firms, a financial, securities firm and training companies and community gathering places. Their work is syndicated to 20,000 people weekly in social media, radio, TV and internet placement. For more information e-mail communityradionetwork@juno.com or sweetspots@juno.com.

Honest Product Placement

At the Ministry of Leadership and Communications we know there are five points of influence that we focus in on. So we write, produce, and distribute a daily column designed to reach people with ideas and solutions. On Monday we focus on Evangelism in Denver and beyond; Tuesday is the day we write and plan on prayer. Wednesday is the day where we report on media that feeds a hungry culture, and now on Thursday we concentrate on Special Needs Ministries. Friday we try to bring the community together on the Front Range of Colorado and beyond as we focus on marriage, family and community building.


We can’t do it alone- we do it with the help of really good coffee with a mission. Brett Bixler has landed. His dream to move Mission Coffee Roasters to Colorado Springs is on the eve of realization. Brett has been successful in Baltimore and learned the coffee business through an internship with Dietrich Coffee. Mission Coffee is run on the premise of fair trade and organic principles while helping independent farmers gain ownership to their fields and homes in several places of the world. Brett is one of my best friends and I am not ashamed to say that I rely on Mission Coffee, to create, produce and distribute media worldwide. When he says “it’s really good coffee” it is a classic case of under promising and over delivering! On the other hand based on his generous support of our mission and many others I work with Brett and his staff to roast, prepare and invite you to taste this “really good coffee with a mission.” Call him or visit in person 11641 Ridgeline Drive, 3 blocks north of Interquest on Voyager and on the East Side in Colorado Springs. E-mail Missioncoffee@juno.com. To order coffee to be shipped or picked up call 888.673.4069.  When you do-tell them that you read it, heard it and saw it from examiner.com.

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