Five Points mission is people

Evangelical,special needs,media and culture, prayer points,community building

Evangelical,special needs,media and culture, prayer points,community building

What is the carbon footprint that you are leaving the earth with? That is the question that shows the emissions of green house gasses that organizations; communities and individuals measure and attempt to reduce in order to be responsible citizens of the earth. With that typed it is with fairness and truth that environmental earth sciences have concluded that the number and the impact is “impossible to calculate.” In a report called “Five Points of Influence” the Ministry of Leadership and Communications has come up with another measurement called “God’s Fingerprint on the earth.” Scientific studies have proven that evangelicals, missionaries, church and community leaders who practice everyday influence of showing love for God with all their heart, soul and mind, and people who practice loving their neighbor as they would like to be loved and treated,” leave a fingerprint of God’s love and are known to have stronger marriages that go the distance; have healthy family life, and are better workers, by being productive, inventive, and community minded. “The people who practice the two great commandments that Jesus left us with prove that living the mission is far more productive in our culture than those who lose sleep over what kind of carbon footprint they and others are leaving. In fact when people live the mission of loving God and neighbor, is the key to being better stewards of the earth.

Business plans

In a group of business leaders who meet in Colorado Springs a study of each leader’s five points of influence is being studied, discussed, coached and managed. These men and women know their interests, their strong points and are finding ways to best influence the communities they serve. This ranges from presenting their executive summary, objectives, the mission and the keys to success and influence. There is accountability, coaching , praying, and worship. Each member of this group talk about the goal of leaving “God’s fingerprint,”  the success and failures of their work and the plan for start-ups and projects that influence the community or mission field. “We have 26 leaders with 130 points of interest and objectives. Each one of these leaders is responsible for training and mentoring employees, missionaries and associates to also leave “God’s fingerprint” on their communities. “This is evangelistic in every way,” says the group’s facilitator. “One of the things we practice is that the message is for all people, the mission is to all people, and so are demographic is a wide network with many locations and facilities.” He continues, “It is also what we call a silhouette and covert mission, that is driven more on who we worship, than on our personalities and agendas.”  The only way to leave God’s fingerprint on the community served is to get out of the way of God’s plan and to be sensitive to His timing, then get involved by researching and developing products and services.

Study the mission field

Like a marketing strategy complete with segmentation, target audience, needs analysis, trends and market growth. Then there is the industry AND Ministry analysis, participants, distribution patterns, competitive analysis and buying patterns. “There is no doubt” says one CEO,  “that strategy, timelines, deadlines, and implementation process is part of the Mission Map in letting people know what we are doing and leading them to give, guide and grow with us and to balance promotion with correction, challenge and life-style change.” The planning process of creative, production and distribution are the best ways of helping others leave God’s fingerprint in their communities. This also speaks to answering the question of who to affiliate with, form strategic alliance with; and who to associate with. “Those are often evaluations that focus on values, and common unions,” the CEO explains.

Personal Management

Five Points of influence gives leaders a management structure of time, schedule and objectives that range from organizational structure, building a relational management team, and a personnel plan that helps the organization and the associate grow. That gets to the financial and funding questions. Answering the questions of pricing can’t be done without analyzing the costs and investments. Understanding the key financial indicators, the break even analysis, and cash flow, balance sheet , ratios and long term plan (five years) is essential in determining how the ministry is to serve, how it starts, where support will come from and how the community will sustain it. While this all seems like a business plan mindset, it is as spiritual in the planning process as the mandate for Nehemiah and Ezra for their Biblical mandate, which was to plan, pray, produce and fund the work and count the costs, raise the funds before proceeding. The interesting principal is that stewardship is built into honest plans and strategies. There would be no worries in what our personal and corporate carbon footprint would be, if we first went after what God’s fingerprint would like like on earth.

Ministry of Leadership and Communications

The Ministry of Leadership and Communications is an association of Evangelical Leaders who research and develop new ways of leaving God’s fingerprint on our marriages, families, and communities. Five Points of influence is a guide to finding what you are called to do from Monday to Friday at home, at work and in your communities. If you would like to join us, please e-mail For great discounts on products and services that surround technology and communications or to support our missions team please visit




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