Hello in there…Looking for peace?

250px-Brant_rock_radio_tower_1910Get on the stick!

We are a media that feeds the culture. It is well documented and you do not need to look that far to see it. We as a people are well connected and “plugged in” from our smart phones to our i-pads. Dr. Albert Mohler writes in his book “The Conviction to Lead” two chapters dedicated to media and digital media. But he does not stop there, there are other media verbs that Mohler pulls out as part of his “25 principles for Leadership that Matters.” This includes that a “leader must be a reader,” and “a leader must be a compelling speaker,” and a “leader must be a good writer.” At the Ministry of Leadership and Communications, traditional media and digital media are key to leading ministry and communications. “Leaders understand that the Digital world is a real world,” starts Mohler, a world in which they are called to lead.”  Mohler maintains that since the advent of e-mail and text messaging the emphasis on interactive media has been placed on writing again, which has taken a decade long hiatus. “It may not be good writing,” Mohler explains, but it is writing and it will get better!” The main idea is that a leader must explore every communications vehicle they have and that includes traditional media such as newspapers, magazines, books, social and digital media and blogs to reach a cross section of the “All” that Jesus called us to communicate His Gospel message of peace and love; his mission which is to go to all corners of the world (we can through digital media), and his music. In the communist Manifesto, Karl Marx writes about controlling the media, especially music and by doing so ‘we control the minds and hearts of a generation.”

Mass Media becomes Massive Media

Mind and heart control. Yesterday at Friendship Fellowship in Colorado Springs, blessings and eye contact were made with people with Intellectual disabilities. It is hard to beat that! In a national daily radio program called “Everyday Relationships,” the model of traditional in your face radio that content providers pay for is being changed through affiliates, alliances and associations- Read this:

Imagine commuters in Albany finishing up their work day, getting into their cars and hitting traffic. What state of mind are they in? Agitation, frustration and that feeling we all have when dealing with the everyday “alone in a crowd” feeling we get when leaving home, going to work, relational dynamics from lunch thru closing time and then the drive home. Debriefing, transitioning in traffic, while turning your heart and mind towards the relationships at home is difficult while reading the bumper sticker on the same car for an hour while the NY State police are sorting out a fender bender a mile up the thruway!  Men and women instead lean on the horn which is intended more on the frustration at the staff meeting than it is on the cars at  a standstill.  

 Then in an attempt to estimate the time of arrival the frustrated commuter gets a traffic update on WDCD right at 5:10 PM and hears that there is a call in program called “Everyday Relationships” with Dr. Greg Smalley and suddenly a frustrated everyday driver is thinking about the relationships that he or she faces on a daily basis- and armed with a cell phone, stuck in traffic, the mind and the heart are at peace with the world and ready to talk about a subject that bridges the gap of all the relationships that husband, father, wife or mother, son or daughter, employee and commuter come into contact every day.  Instead of leaning on the horn again, fingers dial the number: “You’re on the air with Dr. Greg Smalley, what is your question?”

 Everyday Relationships is a daily program that is ready for east coast listeners at work; at home; and in-between.  Stations like WDCD in Albany who carry the program live get market exclusivity; 10 minutes of sponsored spots, traffic updates and weather, while Focus gets 5 minutes of nationally sold advertising and public service announcements. It is a national talk-show that is interactive and hits close to home, even when the ones we love are stuck in traffic! I am confident that this program will increase listenership, cume and advertising dollars and change our minds about the everyday obstacles we all face on the way home.

Our media choices are many! You may be reading this column from a BLOG, at examiner.com, you may be hearing it, and you may have found it on Twitter, Linked-In, Facebook, or a variety of several venues. no matter what our task and our influence is this:

Evangelism, Special Needs Ministries, Media that feeds culture, Prayer and establishing prayer points in fellowship, and community building. True- we can’t be all things to all people. But we can be the one thing all people need!”

To find out more e-mail Communityradionetwork@juno.com.






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