Conviction in Five Points



Al Mohler in his book “The Conviction of Leadership” discusses 25 principles for Leadership. Integrated media intertwines most of what Mohler professes. “The great leader is a great reader, writer, speaker and communicator” who gets down to the truth. It is a thesis that describes too few media organizations. “The medium is not the message,” Mohler writes, You are- and the leader must know how to deliver that message.” In many ways the Regroup meetings held in Denver and Colorado Springs is reaching an understanding to go forward with the Ministry of Leadership and Communications. A new set of courses based on the 5 points of influence is being digitally published and shared along the Front Range. All areas which are syndicated and distributed from and other media outlets get to the very core of the matters and issues that impact our culture.

Point A- Evangelism– All systems go This was not just a suggestion during a brainstorm between Jesus and the newly formed Apostle group. It was not a sales meeting although the promise of “The Great Commission” piqued the interest of one Simon the Magician. People who influence media are the writers, the speakers, the musicians, the readers, and the leaders who are missionaries delivering the “good news” and getting down to the truth of the matter. Dr. Mohler has written a text book that Christian Media Leaders can use as a relevant guide to truth, justice and the motive to “give us a plan of hope and a future,” the Lord told Jeremiah (29:11). Right before His ascension Jesus told his disciples “All systems go.” Actually he said that “we were to go and tell all.” To get involved in leadership and evangelism e-mail

Point B- Special Needs Ministry– Breakthrough walls and obstacles At Friendship Fellowship “a special church for people with special needs” the mandate is to be advocates for adults with special needs; their families and caregivers. Friendship works with agencies to create houses and places of worship that take their “special needs” into consideration. The message, the mission and the music work together for their good and to meet people with intellectual and physical disabilities where they are. Point B is to breakthrough the barriers of the church and go and tell the message, go on mission, and sing the music, “do unto our friends and we would like to be treated,” and to give them the opportunity to express their faith. To find out how you can start Friendship Fellowship in your community e-mail

Point C- Media that feeds culture-Truth Seekers in creation Mohler’s book shows a high regard for transforming the culture through media. Like so many other technological advances the mediums of newspaper and magazines, radio and television, internet and social media and now digital media feed the culture a steady diet of junk journalism and gourmet, offers a choice of gossip or gospel, and a menu of either pornography or real relationship building. There is either Biblical truth and reality or escapism and denial. Our menu is either crude and violence, or community and God inspired arts. The third point is to form communities of writers, producers, musicians, artists, distributors and media professionals to produce God honoring stories, graphics, and music that feed the culture gourmet fare that corrects, challenges and changes minds and hearts. To get involved with MLC e-mail

Point D – Prayer Point in Decision Making- A great leader is a praying leader who is energized and seeks God in all decisions. Prayer Point is an everyday segment that takes the example of Christ who took good portions of time to spend time in conversation with his Father right before great periods of decisions in ministry and healing. Prayer point gets leaders together to seek God’s wisdom in decision making and planning. To find out more please e-mail

Point E- Point of Entry- Community building is essential to ministry, leadership and communications. At Mission Coffee Roasters and cafe Bret Bixler is creating an atmosphere of community in Colorado Springs. Ideas and leadership meetings will be held and possibly even college and academia leaders and students will meet and converge the Biblical, Systematic and Evangelical disciplines that integrate the message, mission and music. To start a Mission Cafe with really good coffee with a mission in your community e-mail

Five Points is one of Denver oldest historic neighborhoods northeast of the central business district. It is in the part of Northeast Denver where the downtown street grid meets the neighborhood street grid of the first Denver suburbs. The five points in the district name are the vertexes formed where four streets meet: 26th Avenue, 27th Street, Washington Street, and Welton Street. How Five Points got it’s name Five Points came to historical prominence from the 1860s through the 1950s. The neighborhood was home to Denver’s aristocracy, housing mayors, governors, and prominent business people.

The Welton Street Business District, Clement neighborhood, San Rafael community, Curtis Park and Ballpark neighborhoods are located within the larger Five Points neighborhood. Historically, Five Points had an African American majority population but recent demographic change has brought about a majority white population (57 percent), a large Latino population (23 percent), with the black population now a much diminished group in the community (15 percent). It is still diverse and maintains a mission influence for our urban outreach in the areas of evangelism, special needs ministry, media that feeds culture, prayer point, and the Front Range movement. For more on this and other stories on “How media feeds the culture” please e-mail Pastor Rich at

Newheart and the ticket network

(Phone rings) Hello. Yes this is Newheart, who is this? You need two tickets to the Knicks game? Why do you think I have tickets to the Knicks? You saw me at a Knicks game and you wondered how I got those seats at the garden? No I don’t know the Donald, or La La Anthony. I do have a good ticket source though. Yeah – if you look below on my column you’ll see a banner, and every ticket you buy a portion of the proceeds goes to the Ministry of Leadership and Communications. Yes Ancient Paths, Friendship Fellowship, Defining Word, Prayer Point and The Front Range Movement. You want front seats to the third movement of the Russian Ballet? Well I’ll tell you what- My ticket network will call your network. Yeah- see ya at the game.

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