Powerful storm within

The song calls for a response. Sitting in a coffee house far away from any substantial body of water, the prayer calls out as the song leader begins:

Grasping the rope powerful storm found within

Grasping the hope

your love covers all my sin

Patient we wait

at the ports where I heard you call

and the people sing:

your hope is an anchor

your peace is the water

your love is a lifeboat

Joyous as we come ashore

Ashore on the Front Range

It is an interesting prayer for the Front Range and it comes from a letter to the Hebrews – author unknown. The morning gathering awaits the sunrise that reflects on Pikes Peak. “If Greenpeace can have an office in Denver, then why not the Lord?” One man quips.

The hope set before us

the wind garners all the sails

The peace found in Jesus

the love that heals, our joy prevails

Your hope set before us

Springs mission
Springs mission
Photo credit:

the anchor is Jesus

the Bridge over waters

come show us- come teach us


This is the dawning of an age of awakening. Where Christians gather and pray for the city and regroup into pockets and use their work, their homes and their communities as vessels. This is a week where values are being forced on The Boy Scouts of America. Churches that hold and sponsor Pack and Den meetings are left wondering if the lines can be blurred this much, where can they draw the line on where the church stands and what the state can force the church to tolerate.

The singer sings:

your hope is an anchor

your peace is the water

your life is our life boat

as we come ashore

We worship you

we lift our hearts in praise

We worship you

we thank you for this day.

Giving our all

The anchor of hope should not be an island. Many believe that it is far from that and that it is the body working together to love God with all of our heart soul and mind and reaching out and loving our neighbors as we would like to be loved.

Our hope is an anchor

the hope that we hold

You are an anchor for our lives

an anchor safe and sure

The hope set before us

is living for Jesus

Entering through the veil

of stilled waters

Jesus go before us

a forerunner

a high priest on high seas

an anchor of hope for me.

The shadow is hidden

but you are still real

You break through the former

tearing the veil

The words once forbidden

“Your sins are forgiven”

Your hope is an anchor

your love never fails.

Rising up

The writer of the letter to the Hebrews is unknown but it is widely speculated to whom it could be. This is not lost on re- group international who continues to communicate, the message, mission and music of God the Father, Jesus the son and the Holy Spirit. “We are integrating the three to minister, lead and communicate the Gospel to our communities along the front Range,” one of the leaders tells FREX. Discussed, walked, and sung, the sun reflected in purple mountain majesty. “A good way to start the end of the week,” the coffee roasters says.travel-to-denver-colorado

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