The Silhouettes and the end of us


The Silhouettes were a singing group from the 50’s and ’60’s. They would be a great addition to Monday’s media event, The Inauguration. While in most silhouettes the message is usually the most important thing- and their major hit was “Get a Job,” perfect for the second administration of Barack Obama. The trivia question of the day boys and girls is (drum roll) Can you name any of the singers in The Silhouettes? To do that you can get on their website and also find out where they are today? In the musical “A Chorus Line” the ensemble cast is lined up for an audition which asks the musical question “Am I my resume’?” The answer is probably not. In recent years Christian authors, musicians and speakers more and more have fallen in a trap. That trap has included “padding their resume,” believing their press releases; and grabbing headlines, book signings, and the like. In a meeting of anonymous professionals who are asking and looking for breakthroughs in five areas of influence, the question was ‘How could we decrease and the message of Christ increase?” True, a media that feeds and obese culture and the egos of the messenger becomes a culture that is in denial. “We don’t ask the right questions,” said a media executive part of the growing group of Silhouettes.  “Very few celebrities want to be judged by the content of their character, or the content of their art.”

Junk Media feeds a culture junk art

With all the focus on junk food and obese kids who play video games, are we asking the right question in terms of the symptoms and issues of our times? From the soundbite to the ban on big gulps, are we asking the right questions about other issues such as weather patterns and climate change? In-depth reporting is only as deep as the reporter who wants to make a name for themselves. “We are Biblical illiterates who come up with our own “so called “progressive” thesis and we regurgitate a message that keeps naming and blaming the problem but brings little hope for solution. “We are a Twinkies media that feeds a culture a diet of big gulps and snowballs!”

The state of our minds and hearts

It comes down to individuals willing to communicate ministry and leadership without a personal agenda. It is covering stories of upright good with the usual fare of covering stories of downright evil. But there is a price to be paid. Christians in media must come to the realization that “we must decrease” while promoting His message; His mission; and His music.  The findings of the Breakthrough 2013 conference discovered that a media that feeds the culture needs a message of hope, a defining peace, an unconditional love; and objective joy in the mix, delivered by silhouettes (not media puppets) who are willing to promote God’s motive (as opposed to our agendas), with a Christ-like approach (Salvation’s the thing), and is powered and funded by a living grant fused with the Holy Spirit.

Reporting stories of upright good

What is the message, the mission and the music?

Our media coverage is a “vain hope for safety!” Neither shall it deliver any by it’s strength.” The media executive smiled when delivering his verse. it was from the psalms and during that time there was a country called Media, however the psalmist was talking about “bayonets and what we invest in when it comes to national, local, or personal security. The emergency broadcast system is also a vain hope. When we report a news story, or we look to the media, we are hoping that people may be delivered by the God who gives us a message, a mission and speaks through the music.

Hopes and horses

In the day the Psalmist writes, “A horse is a vain hope for safety; neither shall it deliver any by it’s strength.” (Psalm 33:1). In an age where people put their hope in guns, words, news organizations and networks, or religion it is all a “false hope, a vain hope, that delivers no one,” the media executive says. He continues “The earth is full of God’s upright goodness,” (Psalm 33:5) “Doesn’t it stand to reason that we should report on God’s upright goodness that far exceeds Satan’s stories of downright evil?” The challenge is to find and report stories of upright goodness.

Examine this!

But even at the trending report shows that people read more gossip than gospel. “It’s a retraining of the palette,” the executive says. “The Bible is the historic bestseller,” he continues, “but we live in a culture that is obviously Biblically illiterate and we have to change that trend.” There is no hope in stories of people who “come out,” and there is no hope in what calls relevant and news in categories such as “Hot celebrity daughters!” “Our responsibility,” the media executive offers is to “report stories that mirror God’s goodness in the world and to give people a source of hope.” This is obviously the difference in being a trusted messenger as opposed to being a foolish one. (Proverbs 13:17)

Ads in my coffee

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