One of the objectives of The Ministry of Leadership and Communications is to launch a dialogue between readers, listeners and viewers and to continue to add better ways of doing that. We are happy to launch a prayer line for our friends and staff from Ancient Paths in Denver, for Friendship Fellowship at Mosaic, and for our affiliates, alliances and associates in media and leadership through my work with Briargate Media, Mosaic, Roundup Fellowship,, Mission Coffee Roasters and our friends on the East coast, Canada and Europe. I invite you to pray with us and to continue to pray for our mission fields, churches, for the message to influence and to change lives and perspectives. We renew our commitment to focus on the family and marriages through message, mission and music through Evangelism, Special Needs Ministry, Media and Culture, Prayer and Community Building and in so many cases community rebuilding! Your prayers for 2013 will help in our work, in our homes and throughout our communities. Pray for heart and mind correction, challenge and change in 2013. That we would be an Advent people by examining and spreading a message of hope, a mission of peace, and the music that spreads love and joy and prepares us for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Next week PREX has the opportunity to review the stories that involved prayer and to answer the question about what should we be praying about in 2013. The task for this week is to continue to lay down prayer foundations and “launching pads” for prayer and to continue to include God in our plans and conversations while tracking His will and answers at home, work, policies and in our communities. The breakthrough questions about prayer is that no matter who tries to stop “prayer in public places,” can anyone stop us from praying and talking to God? The answer of course is no. In 2013 this every Thursday column will continue to  invite the prayers of leaders and citizens across the country to include God in our plans and to seek His will in our homes, churches, communities; for our leaders; and the decisions that we make. The launching pad for prayer is at our workplaces; schools; at our assemblies and on our prayer walks.

Pray the headlines

Is God in the headlines? We worry about how the news and media affects our lives, our finances, and our political decisions, yet how many times do we pray about the headlines. When we include God and we put it in His hands, we address the problems, come up with a plan of action of the things we have control of and stop the anxiety and worry. We acknowledge that God is in control and we ask Him to step in.

For example: NY Times yesterday afternoon – a breaking prayer alert:

“President Obama said Wednesday that he will submit broad new gun control proposals to Congress no later than January and will commit the power of his office to overcoming political opposition in the wake of last week’s school massacre.”

Prayer: Lord, please give President Obama wisdom and for Congress to do the right thing to give gun owners the right to protect themselves and to hunt, but also to restrict the kind of weapons used to hurt and kill people as we saw last week at Sandy Hook Elementary. Father, we pray for our country that you would change hearts and minds and that they would turn to you in dealing with intellectual disabilities and in mental illness.


What are your prayer requests? Our staff prays every Thursday and tracks prayer and reports on ministry and influence of praying communities. From evangelism to special needs ministries, media and culture, prayer walking and discussion and community building and rebuilding. We pray for new businesses, for the sick and the homeless, we pray for  our government leaders, families and marriages and we pray for our churches that they would be able to reach beyond the walls and out into their communities. We can pray for you and your needs, concerns and rejoice with you when prayer is answered.  E mail your prayers at



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