People Message


The active enzyme in any culture and any body of ministry; leadership and communications is people. While we can drive the range and see architecture that in innovative and reflects God’s design, our buildings, schools and churches are made up of active enzymes that look like you and me and are “made in God’s image.” Every minister, leader, politician, writer, artist, poet and janitor are all people. Are you a good or are you a bad enzyme? Do you clean, nurture, heal and build up? Or do you attack, and destroy, mimic and tear down? Or in short “Do you love or hate people?”

The Silhouette Gallery

In a series of poems, articles and pictures The Breakthrough 52 asked a question about character and illustrated it through describing the character of individuals based on the gallery filled with silhouettes. They asked the same question that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. asked in his  “I have a Dream” speech. Posed as a question the attributes of each silhouette reflected attributes of that man or woman without naming the person or their contributions it was what other people loved about their character. “Can you and I judge and measure a person by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin; religious or political belief, by how much they love the Lord, our God; and not by their ability or disability? Can we judge people on the content of what they say and do and not so much by the orientation of their sexual preference?  Where they live? What socioeconomic neighborhood we live in or by our occupation?

People Message

The Breakthrough 52 people meet along the Front Range at a coffee house and contemplate 52 questions to answer to solve a problem in areas of evangelism; special needs ministry; media and culture; prayer and prayer walking; and community building. The group asks the questions, ‘What is God’s Motive; A Christ-like approach and How to fill and refill the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives?’ This is the active enzyme that strengthens the all out message that God loves people. Last week the exploration of what ‘God hates’ spurred a lot of questions. It was actually a clear Biblical message with the firm affirmation that in everything that God hates there is the comfort about what He loves and the “people message” is that God clearly loves people, despite  how much he might hate what we do.”

Front Range Thinking

In his letter to the Romans, Paul tells us that it starts with our mind. What our motive is often reflects the way we think. Renewing is a process that sees a new way of thinking and that is what we try to do is integrate that new way of thinking in the common union we strive for as a Front Range community. There is also a “renewing of our hearts that is part of the system. This takes a concentrated but simple effort to integrate what we have in our minds and to review our compassion level in our hearts. We have been publishing a free resource called “The Advent Experience” which allows for “every heart top prepare Him room.” The coming of the Christ child is universal. God hates how we prepare on Thanksgiving Day and we go to Wal-Mart! Halleluiah! Now beat your neighbor! for that gift that will last a lifetime!” The people message is “People- Make room in your mind (start thinking about what God has done) clean out the gunk in your heart and the plank in your eye, and make room for what? Joy!” Anyone want a shot of a little joy this year? In Downtown Denver, on the 16th Street Mall there’s a guy who sounds a little Dylanesque. Bob Dylan, is probably what the prophet looked like when he was delivering that people message about the coming of the Lord. In the key of C he strums a slightly out of tune dreadnaught and begins to sing “People music.”

not about me

not about you

not about anything

we say and do

it’s not about fame

it’s not even about the money


it’s not about them

it’s not about us

it’s not about the who

or what you trust

it’s not about emotion

it’s not about the town we are

passing through

it’s all about the message

and the people who:


Bring it and Sing it

and follow through.

It’s the People message


1. I talk about the life and times

I speak the truth when I deliver your news

I speak to my friends at the fellowship

I speak about love and relationship

I speak about who you are a and what you do


It’s not about me- it’s all about you.

Bring it and Sing it

and follow through.

It’s the People message


2. I see a need and I try to meet it

I see a sickness and I try to heal it

I see a foe and I try to beat it

I see a challenge and I try to greet it.

and through my abilities, please use me

in disabilies Lord work through me.


Bring it, Sing it

and follow through.

It’s the People message

out to me and you

(sing it again)


2. Now at the press event

I’ve given up for Lent

today is Fat Tuesday

in the middle of Advent

it’s gotta be Global Warming

we’re in need

of Global warming!



Where hearts are warmed

Hate is scorned

Your heads adorned

with many crowns

let us worship

the King- whose born for us

His name is Jesus!


on our radio and TV

let us pay honor to the King

in everything

This is the message for the people

a people message!


Bring it and Sing it

and follow through.

It’s the People message


3. I know He is everywhere

call Him up he will answer prayer

He’s got you in His cross hairs

Halleluiah, Halleluiah!


Bring it and Sing it

and follow through.

It’s the People message


Final thought for unity

lets meet up in community

let’s set out for common good

spread his word- to the neighborhood

yeah keep it together

this is the Good News

in the flesh!

Bring it and Sing it

and follow through.

It’s the People message

Together catch it! You’ll be blessed.




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