God loves New York


GOD: “I love NY”

The media capitol of the world is New York. It has been this way for decades and so one might think that New Yorkers are more informed than the rest of us. On a Delta flight out of La Guardia Airport a couple stretched out and lamented, “I can hardly wait to get back to Denver and away from the New York tabloids and soundbites.”  This week in New York many were subject to “Super Storm Sandy,” Election 2012 coverage, and the nightmarish experience of the evening commute on the Long Island Rail Road from Manhattan the day of the Nor ‘Easter compounding the storm. “For a place that prides itself on the latest technology and the most sophisticated media trends the only thing that worked were transistor AM radios and the screaming “creepo” headlines of the Daily News and NY Post.”

Fair and Balanced

The media was also clamoring for the latest in the “affairs” of the CIA and Obama-nomics which are dangerously getting closer to a cliff that could put the country into recession. Part of the hysteria is based on faulty and reactionary, and personality driven media, politics and culture.  When the president complains of gridlock and pulls a “mandate” on an election squeaker,  it is the media that takes that message to the people. When the speaker of the House talks of “compromise” and working on both sides of the aisle, shouldn’t that mean that the President gives a little of his social agenda? That is not how the Beltway works and the media faces the culture with only half the equation. 

Both Sides Now

Now that the chants of “Four More Years” have faded and the ad-nausea of political agendas and slogans have been digitally removed,  a new slogan has emerged from a group of media professionals based in Colorado. Breakthrough 52 is a new network whose slogan is “Both Sides Now.” They started it by asking a breakthrough question, “Can a journalist narrate the story with the camera fixed on the subject or the issue without becoming the story?” If the issue is the budget, or health care or maybe it is regulations,  why not take the best of both proposals and filter out all of the social issues that have no place in politics and “tweak” the documents. “Tweak-enomics” might be the best policy, instead of areas where ideologies will not ever agree. “Take the radical liberal agenda out of the equation, take the judicial activism from the legislation, remove all legal fees and talk and simplify it through trusted media sources.”  The system of checks and balances is always a two sided equation and that is what the founding fathers struggled with.

Personality decreases

Breakthrough 52 has initiated a silhouette type media , that doesn’t rely on using names. This is the type of finance campaign reform people like Nancy Pelosi have railed against. Just this week Pelosi brought this issue up in Sacramento:

“Wednesday, the California Fair Political Practices Commission takes up the question of whether political bloggers should have to disclose who pays them to blog in political campaigns. Sacramento’s consultant establishment, both on the left and the right, has been hiding behind free speech protections to propagandize and cut the legs out from under credentialed authorities on behalf of any interest group.”  Not to say that the writer of this piece was practicing good journalism in the San Fransisco Gate, “Because voters increasingly rely on information online, paid blogger-based attacks that masquerade as real journalism are one of the biggest rackets in Sacramento,” she writes.

Tell the Story and get out of the way

“Breakthrough 52 has begun to take a stance by not judging by the color of one’s skin, their religion, or their sexual preference, but by the content of their character, the purity of their motive, the integrity of their approach, and the power of the authority of their spirit,” says one very qualified journalist. “That is our promise and it is exactly what the organization is putting forward, “The objective and absolute truth is what we are after. The trend from personality journalism to objective truth is the main-line in every journalist school and communications class there is. From the New School of Social Research to the classes at Liberty University, it is “tell the story and get out of the way.”

Collect and dissect

Theologians and historians who study the Biblical context of the Old Testament and New Testament have a beat on “pure journalistic practices.” At the Ministry of Leadership and Communications, a journalistic and leadership organization, the mentors help men and women research and study Biblical passages by studying what something meant in their town and time; what it means in our town today; and then takes into consideration the distance between the meaning then and what it means today.”

Their town, our town

This is found in the preacher’s guide called “Preaching God’s Word” (Carter, Duvall and Hays). “It could be a the best research system  in interpreting the Constitution, journalistic archives, and any historic document,” says a communications expert at a large Public Relations firm in Denver. “When you read the President’s Health Care Plan, his economic and tax plan, when you read and talk out what the gridlock is really about  you have to dissect it and take it all into context,” he continues. Then you have to take the polarizing and offensive words and motions out and extract the social engineering from the language and the intent and that is where the compromise and tweaking comes,” he continues. That also helps to boil out the political posturing on both sides. “The founding Father’s rarely compromised, they were clear on their intent, and tweaked the results.

Constitutional law and activist judges

It may have taken years and years to ratify the constitution and it has taken just a few years to add and subtract meaning by activist judges, and that is how this should be reported.” One of the problems with interpretations today is the lack of decency in the debate. “If one takes a stance against gay marriage they are called racists and bigots and hate mongers in the media. The truth of the matter is that tears down real conversation and debate on the issue from a moralist and values standpoint.” It also shuts down any fact finding and discussion and cheapens the meaning of the Civil Rights movement at  the same time.  The media imbalance that the culture is experiencing is damaging two precious resources found in the constitution which are “the freedom of speech” and the “freedom of religion.” Breakthrough 52 is designed to ask the right questions at the best time; tell both sides of the story, and get out of the way. As the couple waited for their flight to board the terminal’s TV had Governor Andrew Cuomo’s fact that the cause of the storm was in fact “global warming.” The conclusion of the couple was that the wife gasped and the husband said “That’s not how the storm was viewed the last time in 1938,” he said with a grimace. As Joni Mitchell wrote and sang years ago, “I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now.” 

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