Long Island and Mission New York

New York: “You’re not a New Yorker,” his mother told him. “Whatever New Yorker you may have had in you has been taken out in your demeanor and confidence.” He smiled to think how far God had brought him “out of Egypt” but longed to see a willingness of family members to explore what he had found as a Christ follower. This business trip that he was on quickly turned to a mission trip. “You don’t rush around and move like a New Yorker” in the face of adversity, the aftermath of a killer storm; and a demand for service,” no matter how much New Yorkers rushed to conclusions it was evident they were helpless.

New York state of mind 

It was apparent to him that the buried power lines in Colorado showed foresight in so many ways and that political pressure in the name of “accountability” from  Governor Andrew Cuomo and President Obama in New York was not going to help workers restore 100 percent of the power no matter how many power poles they ordered. “Workers standing in waist deep water connecting electricity seems like it would take a little more time and the disdain from the utility companies and the assessment and announcement by Cuomo that the cause of the storm and it’s impact was “Global warming,” was rush of judgement that helps no-one. this visiting pastor looked down at his laces, biting his tongue as not to say something that seemed obvious. “You don’t argue the points, you just do what you can do,” he says sadly. The more harsh answer is that “You don’t argue with fools.”    “When arguing with fools, don’t answer their foolish arguments, or you will become as foolish as they are.” Proverbs 26: 4. “While 25 years ago insurance companies would have called Hurricane Sandy an act of God. Politicians with an environmental agenda are brazen enough to blame it on man.”

Poverty and homelessness of the spirit

As the pastor returns to his Denver home he sees things differently. “the sun is out, people are focused on what they can control and do and that strikes me in a way I never thought it would. The contrast to how Coloradan’s handled the wild fires last summer cooperating with the utility companies as well as the fire fighters and public officials with the arrogance of the New York reaction is a matter of  who you trust. The idea that God is in control and no matter how much we yell, scream or blame others to fix the problem, the  course of action is to help or get out of the way.”  It is a different worldview and after all is said and done, “it’s easier to reach out in Denver.”

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