The Silhoutte Center for Character Building

Silhouette Leadership 

Bring me your ideas and not your 8 X 10 photos.

“Who is paying for all this?” yells the sponsor to our program when looking at the investment made to media and culture channels. “Viewers like you sir,” says his well meaning but short-lived assistant. “Politics, government, media and culture should rarely mix and like government programs for social work, bailouts of industries from banks to autos to so called women’s health care, is not being logically answered by anyone.” These are the words of a media executive who gives till it hurts, and is hoping to be guiding more on this debate by following the checkbooks of the government and who is behind the financing and bottom line ledger sheets of PBS, NPR and Planned Parenthood. “It’s like the elephant in the room that neither candidate is addressing.

Culture Shift

Big union wages and benefits have forced many good businesses to outsource to India, Indonesia and China.” While the connection seems obvious the careful tip-toeing around soundbites are apparent. “They don’t want to say anything that will be repeated out of context for the Madison Avenue political folk, who will take the “You didn’t build it” and “47 percent” comments to ad-nausea levels.” The man behind these statements is part of a new message, music and mission association of executives who is against “personality and celebrity building” and more into “delivering the message of truth in a soundbite world through industry and ministry building.” Breakthrough 52 are men and married couples who are dedicated to being light and speaking truth into all industries but are concentrating on starting, supporting, and sustaining church and mission planting, outreach to the special needs community, creating, producing and syndicating media and culture, through education and digital means and then community building.

No me in team

“Sports teams, politics, media and arts, are constantly throwing star and celebrity personalities at us, cheapening the message, watering down the quality of the music we listen to and diverting funds into social programs, that get us off of our central mission.” “Our stance is let them keep their standards. But let’s present a higher standard that takes the synthetic, plastic qualities of their culture and offer them something better.” “They want unions and Planned Parenthood, let them find a way to pay for it.” “They want Public Broadcasting and National Public Radio, have their journalists and producers shake the trees and raise support.”

Strong Digital Presence

Digital media allows for stronger platforms,  better quality and less expensive ways to get the message and the music out to a larger audience and it is mission driven, mission supported and mission sustained.” “Denver  is a key digital media city. “Technologically there are  key markets that inspire growth in all fields, that will get through the mishmash of finance, tracking audience, and eliminate celebrity and idol worship and get down to the areas that people care about.” Breakthrough 52 has entrepreneurs in key cities around the world. In the US the Denver based association and affiliates work with others in Long Island, Detroit-Troy; Baltimore-DC; Denver-Colorado Springs (DEN.COS), Miami, and worldwide in Glasgow, Halifax, London, and are even working with Library for All in Haiti.

Elephants in the mist

The room is full of ideas that have been regurgitated from debates past. At Hofstra there is nothing new under the sun. “it doesn’t matter what has failed in the recent or ancient past  “that got us into this mess in the first place, corporate greed and the evaporation of accountability, and an economic train wreck happened,” says the BT 52 leader. “Who has a plan that eliminates bail outs and government funding for things that should not be owned by the government?” “And who can live and budget on the free-enterprise system that will buy when prices are affordable, when quality is high, and who cares about the least of these in the midst of chaotic confusion?”  The elephant in the room that no one wants to address is paid for by readers, listeners and viewers like you,” he says and that is what builds community and makes us stronger.”






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