Truli Media a Breakthrough 52 idea!

Technology has both been used to stunt and to expand the growth of the ideas of community as opposed to individualism. This is true on the front Range of Colorado as it is from the rocky shores of coastal Maine to the sound in the state of Washington. People are connected to devices that distract them from driving or in some cases even walking off cliffs. At the same time communities along the Front Range are being united over common unions and can have access to digital feeds that inform and alert, and can help in communicating studies, relationship building and outreach to people in and around their community or others who may be half a world away. This is true with a new media company based in Denver that is driving media from an Evangelical perspective in digital publishing, radio and audio pod-casts and especially in digital and internet television.

The Truli team is tweaking a unique service to what they call to “enhance the lives of faith-seekers while providing a platform for Christian ministries to expand their outreach and have personal interaction with those drawn to their respective ministries.”

Extending community in expanding

Truli Media Group was established and incorporated in 2011 and now has offices in Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Denver and Atlanta. Truli is led by an experienced team of industry and ministry leaders that collectively aggregate family-friendly, faith-based Christian content, media, music, film and IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) programming and manage a platform for collaborative and social networking with “members of the Christian community worldwide, allowing them to share, communicate and deepen their faith together.”

Front Range thinking

Truli is partnering with a lot of media and agencies that share a common union over expanding the gospel through systematic and evangelical means that may start out with the typical and the pedestrian, but at the same time as Jim Dickson,  their media representative points out  “The creme rises to the top.” The associates at Breakthrough 52 are taking a good hard look at the Truli network and are working on asking the right question to measure their commitment to the network. With the mandate to improve and to begin a Christian Film Festival, produce fresh and relevant radio and TV programming, and start a digital publishing an advertising firm the group of media and culture experts can see that “Truli could be exactly what would allow us to create, produce and distribute our content and integrate media the way it should be.”  One of the Breakthrough Associates chimed in,

“The question is how can we create a digital publishing partnership with audio and visual platforms that compel people to engage through study, and still build a revenue stream, a relational pull, and how it fits into our outreach with evangelism, special needs ministries, media and culture, prayer and building community from the Front Range?”

Jim Dickson ( realizes that there needs to be a base of many languages in the Truli Media archives.

International Airspace

“We will launch a Spanish only site next year,” Dickson tells FREX when asked about what languages content is in. “Until then we take content in any language and upload it.  We will just need meta tags that identify the language it is in.  We do not do the translations ourselves.” One of the Breakthrough 52 members is on the board for Library for All which is in the process of collecting digital materials and launching their first Library in Haiti. “People looking for content in French, for example, can type the word in the search box and all French language content will be listed for them.” That is part of the beauty here, content providers have a new platform that reaches to social media as well and that is a great tool for Christian Media content providers like community radio network, the Triology Film Festival, and Library for All and even some titles at Breakthrough 52 is considering launching a channel on Truli that will include content that will integrate affiliated advertising with digital publishing, internet streaming radio and television.

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