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At Digital Press Room there is a buzz about last night’s Presidential Debate at the University of Denver. At the Prayer Desk many of the reporters, bloggers and examiners are paused at the Prayer Center in Colorado Springs. This was duplicated at churches and broadcast and website centers all over the country. Prayer has gone digital. At Truli Media in Denver, Jim Dickson is putting the finishing touches on an invitation to Christian Content Providers whose message is Biblical, whose theology is systematic and whose approach is evangelical. Many of the Christians in Media who were in the room last night were praying for both candidates and that the true substance of how they would approach the economy, health care and education would come through. “The fact that the personal attacks were kept to a minimal was appreciated by all who were praying,”  says a camera man and producer of a local news TV show. A journalist who was also praying for clarity and solutions and a turn to God for guidance adds, “Prayer is objective. When people turn and talk to God about the problems and for our leaders, they are stating fact, but they are also asking for God to call on those leaders to admit their mistakes, correct the mistakes, rally the country to rise to the challenges and if that is successful we can experience a country that is willing to change.” That doesn’t conflict with the principles of journalism, it actually is a tenant of the principles of reporting. “When believers mobilize and are organized and have the training in journalism, mass-media, and communication skills, there is an integration of seeing things and asking God for clarity,” she tells the NPE. A news director at a national media ministry chimes in, “Prayer has been an instrument in protecting our sources, and reporting the inside story because many are missionaries in hot beds of war and political upheaval.” So is prayer a hotline to truth?

Organized truth telling is news

“No doubt,” says an evangelical leader who oversees a large prayer ministry based in Colorado. “It’s not like we go to prayer meetings to pick up juicy gossip! One thing you will get is a reporter speaking to people after organized prayer and that is the point. Authenticity is found and disclosure and permission to repeat and report the appropriate details in the world are often found when organizations organize prayer.” At Lesea broadcasting network based in South Bend, Indiana, leadership sends out a prayer calendar and have for many years had a 24-hour Prayer line.  The founder, the late Reverend Lester Sumrall, maintained that “prayer was the pulse of the many media areas that the ministry has been called to. Today there are television, radio, internet and digital media feeds that reach the world. The basic tenant of the organization is organized prayer, Bible teaching, Systematic Theology, and Evangelism which includes message, music and missions. Patty Ellis who edits the prayer calendar sent to ministry partners, believes that “God can will and has restore, renew, reunite, remake and revitalize His people through prayer. We talk on the prayer line, we e-mail,  and we have a website that people can connect with us.”


The son of Lester Sumrall, Dr. Peter Sumrall has continued and advanced LeSea’s ministries and media group with the newest technology. “Prayer is the cornerstone. The weekly planner prays for the influence of the church, prays for the institution of family, government and law, education, health and being good stewards of the environment, business and media and arts.”  The influence mirrors many other media based ministries in their motive, approach and power. “You can do this yourself by keeping an organized prayer journal, reading and praying key Biblical verses on a daily basis, and then sincerely praying about the headlines, seeking the truth in every story,” says Brian, the cameraman who works in a very secular news room that at times becomes a prayer room at the Digital Press Club.

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