Library for all and the power of digital press

Rebecca McDonald-Library for all

Happy new fiscal year, for those who are of that ilk. Many of the evangelical associations and churches are of the October 1 where new budgets, goals and objectives push off from the side of the pool on this day. “Should all old budgets be forgot and never brought to mind,” one FY 13 pastor sang last night after the Sunday evening service. He apologized to both Robert Burns and Guy Lombardo for his irreverent, un-royal Scottish and Canadian version of the New Years hymn, and then he got philosophical after he stopped singing. “Should all old budgets be forgot and the days of heart and mind.” The pastor of the evangelical free church is one of a few that reaches urban dwellers in Denver. Tonight was a meeting of “who we associate with, who are our affiliates and who, what, where, when and why we align ourselves to people (who), to causes (what), in regions (where), and the calling (reason why) we go to our fields.”

Calling all associates

“People are important, they are unique,” says Pastor Steve Holt the founding pastor of Mountain Springs Church and the visionary of the Word and Spirit network. “Last year we began a conference called Dunamis,” says Holt. “It is a time when people who we associate with receive power from the Holy Spirit. There are a lot of dreamers out there, who come up with a million ideas, but they never implement them for the lack of power from the Holy Spirit in their lives.” Dunamis (Doo’na-mis) is the Greek word for power. It is the best word to describe athletic or Olympic competition. It also refers to the miraculous life changing Power of God. When ministries counsel and train people it is important to understand three things related to the Trinity, that is the motive and calling from God; the Christ-like approach to the culture and a filling and refilling of the power of the Holy Spirit.  This Thursday through Saturday at Mountain Springs Church in Colorado Springs the second Dunamis Conference will take place. This kind of conference is beyond regional zones and like prayer has a map of it’s own. To find out more go to the website for Mountain Springs Church at  Dunamis is a good place to start a new fiscal year. The ministry and business ideas and calling is strong and by studying the Biblical, Systematic and Evangelical science of theology, Breakthrough ideas are bound to happen.

Breakthrough 52

All is good. It is inclusive. It considers you and it considers your community, your preferences, and it considers building character into living life together. In Denver there are many evangelical associations and associates who are objective enough without being judgmental. Every week during this fiscal year DEE will cover one new trustworthy associate and association who is reaching out to the Denver metro area and at the same time looking at all corners of the world. “It’s all good” says the candidate to the preacher. The preacher responds, “God is good-always.”  The preacher continues, “We can’t be everything to all people, but we can be the one thing all people need.”  “Whether it is in Denver or Haiti, one thing remains, evangelists “Go” where they are called to live out bringing the message, the music and the mission to all.” This is not lost on Rebecca Mc Donald a missionary from Australia who is launching “Library for all,” one of the associates who is spreading knowledge and making it available to Haiti and eventually world wide.

Associates (people) + Affiliates (sponsors and organizations) = Alliances (partnerships)

In 2010 Rebecca and her husband Barry moved to Haiti to help rebuild after the devastating earthquake. In Haiti Rebecca observed first hand the knowledge poverty that pervades Haiti and other developing nations. She visited schools with less than 30 books between hundreds of students. These books were so precious that they were kept under lock and key and rarely viewed and never allowed to be taken home. In July 2011 the Library for all project was born, with a vision to create a library for the world’s collective resources so the poor can gain the knowledge to take themselves out of poverty.

A real-time stimulus

Prior to moving to Haiti Rebecca was the Program Manager responsible for the delivery of a 1 billion dollar stimulus plan for the Australian Government. Rebecca and her team managed the acquisition of land and construction of 4000 units of accommodation over a two year period. Rebecca also served for more then eight years, as an Ambassador for Opportunity International a leader in the micro finance industry. Rebecca knows the key to individual and community transformation is empowerment. “The poor don’t want charity they want a chance.” The associate raises funds and prayer to form alliances who work with all people. Knowledge is the baseline to evangelism. Digital technology is the key to success. Access to the resources is a convergence of technology, affordability and alliances that come together with . 


From advertisers to sponsors and subscribers organizations like Library for all can be funded in a way thatold time religion,” does not understand. The affiliations with Library for all connects well with “community radio network” which integrates media with study, relationship building and outreach. Then the powerful medium of film and the Gospel message bridges what each chapter means during the time it was written with what it means to the present generation, and takes into account all cultures in-between. How does this integrate the “giving” and “sponsorship” that will start, support, and sustain this mission? There is a baseline and what many organizations are doing is creating and choosing affiliate advertisers to be connected with their websites, their digital media feeds, and then creating a banner ad, an internet radio ad, and a TV and film ad, that join together in supporting the cause that is central. “Breakthroughs happen when associates, affiliates and alliances ask the right question,” says Kevin Coyne of the For most evangelical associations, the right question is how can we guide, give and grow organizations that minister, lead and communicate the gospel message in new ways?

It takes alliances

The word partnership was bandied about for many years in Christian media circles. “It never was really the right word,” an executive member of the Evangelical Press Association tells DEE. “Alliances made up of associates in our case journalists; who are sponsored by affiliates and who align themselves with spreading the message to all in an objective and journalistic way, which is to get to the truth of any matter by asking the right questions.” The new economy brings new perspectives, much like Rebecca McDonald’s. “How do we sustain this model” is the right question and this is the right time. Library for all has a desire to spread knowledge through technology, economically and make that knowledge-base accessible to all. From Denver evangelicals can help start, support and sustain this breakthrough idea.

Denver Evangelical Examiner is guiding, giving and growing the knowledge base at Library for all. A portion of your purchase of college textbooks and other titles both digital, hard and soft cover, go to starting, supporting and sustaining this work.  Follow the link for great deals and a cause central to our hearts and minds. – College Texts for Less: Where smart people save money getting smarter.

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