Press Talk- The Debate-What would Jesus ask?

If both their mouths are open is anyone listening?

The Front Range examiner rode out up and down the interstate this week to practice a little brain-steering with readers, listeners and viewers. In the current study, building relationships and practicing outreach through journalism the issues along the Front Range spanned between the titles that this reporter is responsible. So FRex (no relationship to the bus line that use to carry Springs and Denver commuters up and down I-25) and the other examiner titles put on some different lenses to ask the candidates at Denver University next week by asking readers what they thought were the right questions that can bring Breakthrough ideas.

Denver Front Range Examiner (Friday)

Governor Romney: We are in the midst of the worst drought this region has ever seen. Much of our problem is the selling of water rights to water lawns in Nevada. What will your secretary of the interior do to correct this problem?

President Obama: There is a bill to legalize marijuana in our state. It started with the legalization of dispensaries and voters were told that by allowing and legalizing the sale and distribution for medical reasons would reduce crime, decrease drug cartels, and increase state revenue for education. The promises and the actualities are two different things. Are you in favor or opposed to legalizing the sale and distribution of pot in our country?

National Prayer Examiner (Thursday)

This is a question to both of you. City Council in Pueblo just this week stopped a decade long practice of opening up their sessions with prayer because an activist group sent a cease and desist complaint regarding public prayer. Where do each of you stand on this issue?

A second question: As President will you sign the Proclamation for the National day of Prayer in 2013 and every year you are president?

Denver Media and Culture Examiner (Wednesday)

Both candidates: Many people are concerned about the amount of money spent on political advertising. Do you believe that there should be limits or an elimination of political ads in campaign ad reform?

In relationship to that is the content of the advertising. Fact checking has shown that almost all ads are deceiving or inaccurate and  yet there are no or little standards. What will either of you do to correct the tome and the content of attacks beyond the “I approve of this message?”

Denver Special Needs Ministry Examiner (Tuesday)

Both Candidates: There is a fundamental difference between the two party platforms regarding Health Care and Entitlements. In Colorado the churches are beginning to work with special needs adults who are in group and host homes and are supported by state and federal funds. In balancing the budget what are your proposals on what to do with the agencies and families of people with disabilities in terms of Health Care and what are called entitlements and funding?

Governor Romney: Would you define the 47 percent who will not vote for you?

President Obama: In your remark “You didn’t build it,” what is your attitude on entrepreneurship and privatizing what are now government programs?

Denver Evangelical Examiner

Both Candidates: In almost every state that has ratified immigration reform and the definition of marriage as between one man and one woman, State Judges have overturned what the people voted on and against as unconstitutional. What is your opinion of judicial activism and how will you address these issues in the next four years?

Both Candidates: The Colorado Person-hood amendment has filed suit regarding their declaration to protect all life by defining when life begins. Their petition they claim was thrown out even though they collected the number of signatures and beyond to get on the ballot. Two part question: In your opinion when does life begin? And should this amendment be on the ballot?

These are questions that citizens along the Front Range would like to ask the candidates. We sampled these by readers and selected and compiled questions that each area of publishing were asking the most. The ideas that come out of this may not be answered by politicians but be great questions for conversation in this next fiscal year.  What questions would you ask? The Front Range Examiner (FRex) is published every Friday. E-mail us at

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